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OMG! Did you guys know that there two ways of pouring Coca-Cola into your glass? If you want it without foam, add some Jack Daniel’s first! : )

If you wanna fight nasty insects and mosquitoes Coke will come in handy as well!

Coca-cola indeed is not the healthiest beverage on Earth. But it has miraculous cleaning powers. Let’s try them out!

You can make super tasty cacao butter + Cola lip balm. Simply melt these ingredients together and then refrigerate.

Do you know how to quickly put out a fire? Stir up Cola bottle and then spray it down on the fire.

You can also use Coke as polish for your car’s headlights.
It works great when dealing with mosquitos bites. Or as an insect trap.

And can help you make your hair lighter.

The most vital hack – removing bubble gum from your hair with the minimum losses. Just pour some Cola into a bowl, let the damaged hair strand rest there for a couple of minutes. The chewing gum will fall off.

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