7-Second Riddles

Only teens can solve these 20 easy mystery riddles! Are you brave enough to face these mind-blowing puzzles and solve at least half of them? 🙂 If you can’t concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve tricky riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and after a few weeks you will notice changes in your critical thinking and logical skills!

00:14 – Which of the teachers are the aliens? Try to crack this tricky brain teaser before the time is up!
01:18 – A set of zombie visual puzzles for all the mystery lovers out there! Who is a zombie?
03:38 – Jennifer’s body was found in the University Library! Who killed her? Test your detective skills and increase your logic!
04:43 – Charlie woke up on the lawn after a party. He didn’t remember where he was and what happened to him. Suddenly two women came up to him. Who is his wife?
05:53 – Who is his wife? Check these brain-boosting riddles out if you want to increase your critical thinking and attentiveness!
07:51 – You turned into a vampire! Now you have to choose which way to go to save yourself! Think twice before giving an answer!
09:36 – Who is the vampire? A portion of visual mystery puzzles that will test your logical thinking!
10:52 – This fun logic riddle isn’t so fun at all for poor Bob as he doesn’t remember which one his wife is (or if he ever had one)!? If you have already got out of bed, but still haven’t woken up, this brain teaser with the answer will gently warm up your brain and train your eyes. So have you already got the answer?
11:52 – A tricky logic riddle that will challenge all your skills and make you rack your brain hard. This cool brain-teaser is not for people with the average IQ level, so if you manage to crack it, you can be called a genius for sure!
13:30 – Who is lying? A or B? Leave your answer to this tricky visual quiz in the comments below!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last puzzle!

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