18 Mystery Puzzles And Hard Riddles To Take You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

7-Second Riddles

These 18 mystery puzzles and hard riddles will take you out of your comfort zone! The first text riddles test your logic and ability to think differently at the same time! 01:40 – a murder puzzle with an easy answer that most fail to get! 02:54 – what number is missing? You’ll solve only if you can look at the bigger picture! 04:37 – can you crack the code to get inside the bank? 06:18 – will he survive? 07:39 – can you win this bet? 11:01 – will you pass this famous FBI test?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one of these was the hardest for you? The island one with women was impossible to crack for me, but it cracked me 🙂

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