15 General Knowledge Riddles And Survival Tricks To Keep Up Your Sleeve

7-Second Riddles

Enjoy these 15 general knowledge riddles and keep up your sleeve these amazing tricks:
00:14 – “Guess the word” – easy riddles (just a light warm-up before the main brain workout)
03:05 – What are you afraid of? Trivia questions and answers you should be able to answer (just turn on your mind and intuition and you’ll score every quiz question perfectly! 05:14 – Tell me your answer in the comments)
05:32 – Survival Tricks! I’m sure you’ll be surprised!
07:43 – How much sugar does it have? GK questions you will be happy to see the answer to (or not so happy?)
12:31 – A nice wrap-up: FBI TEST which I’m sure you’ll easily pass! Let me know in the COMMMENTS if you did (I failed!)

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