13 Amazing Things You Can Do With Coffee Besides Just Drink It


Millions of people around the world prefer coffee to any other drink. Indeed, there are many options to choose from — espresso, with or without milk, hot, iced… But what’s even more impressive is how many uses this popular beverage has besides drinking. And some of them have nothing to do with cooking.
At Bright Side we made up a list of cool things you can do with coffee other than drink it and we want to share them with you.

Hand deodorizer 0:35
Fridge freshener 1:00
Anti-cellulite remedy 1:30
Flea removal 2:07
Hair treatment 2:38
Garden 3:19
Cat repellent 3:45
Exfoliator 4:16
Air freshener 4:39
Furniture polish 5:09
Decoration 5:32
Cooking 6:06
BONUS 6:27

Btw, frequent consumption of coffee leads to a decrease in breast size. 3 cups of coffee a day can cause your breasts to become smaller especially if they were big in the first place. This is because caffeine burns fat. And as you probably know, breasts mostly consist of adipose tissue.

Which of these coffee uses did you find the most surprising? Would you try any of them or recommend them to a friend?

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