7-Second Riddles

Test your detective skills with a set of blood-freezing detective riddles! Imagine that you’re a detective and you have to be very attentive to the details so you can solve crime puzzles quickly. Also, there are some short brainteasers for you to boost your logic. Don’t hesitate to try these tricky puzzles out and see if you can crack them quickly.

00:14 – Are your eyes strong enough to find out where the criminal is by using only three photos? Be advised, you will have to rack your brain hard and turn on your logic first of all. Don’t let this rascal outsmart you! A hard crime riddle with answers for quick-thinkers only!
01:54 – Have you ever thought that any person around you can be a special agent (or even a Man in Black🕵)? But how can you identify these undercovered agents? The right answer is no way (or they would take away his “secret agent” card then). But if you’re a true genius, you will crack all their tricks and find out an FBI agent in the crowd. So are you smart enough to solve this puzzle? tell me in the comments!
03:44 – A terrible maniac scientist keeps you in a deadly trap. But no one can outsmart a genius, I’m sure! Hurry up, rack your brain and decide which tank should you dive in to find the key from the only door. I believe you will cope with this (small) problem on time and escape before the room becomes a gas chamber! A survival riddle with an answer to test your logic and general knowledge (it’s actually really easy)!
04:45 – Have you ever noticed that some people do everything really slowly while some others are quick, and the others start slowly but get more speed up to the end? This depends on how fast our brains work and you can easily test your own one right now! Our brain and limbs are connected directly, so if you have timing and balance, it means your brain is fast enough to coordinate your hand movements. Focus your mind and be concentrated even if it seems to easy for you first!
06:27 – Three hardcore cases for the most brilliant detectives. Can you identify if they are murdered or all these cases are suicides? Only a very observant person will be able to catch all small details to get the whole picture. Difficult crime riddles to itch your brain and boost your logical thinking!
07:57 – A fun math trick you can impress your friends or kids with (of course if you’re able to crack its secret😉).Take this test several times to make sure you understood the secret and voila! You are a magician-mathematician😉
09:08 – Did you know that superheroes have been living among us all this time? And we have no idea about them protecting us from aliens and monsters😃 If you met a superhero on a street, would you identify him or her? Try this fun picture puzzle to know this😜 Sometimes, all we need is a bit of attentiveness! Maybe your girlfriend is actually Wonder Woman?
10:17 – A horrifying logic riddle for the strongest ones! Will you dare to suppose the most impossible answer to this brain teaser (and get it right)? Let’s see how brave you are😈 A mysterious logic riddle to itch your brain and make you SWEAT. Share your ideas in the comments!
11:39 – A horrifying picture puzzle 90% of people can’t solve by themselves! It’s just too hard and too dark, so only a genius can crack this puzzle on time. Are you smart enough to do this?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your thoughts on the last tricky puzzle!

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