10 Signs Erika Costell Is DONE With Jake Paul’s Team 10

10 Signs Erika Costell will be the next one to leave team 10.
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Erika Costell is one of the staple members of Team 10, but there have been a few things happening that make us think that she might be saying goodbye to the famed crew. Here are 10 Secret Signs That Erika Costell Is DONE With Team 10. For starters, she wanted to get her Team 10 tattoo removed. She said it was just because she didn’t like how the guy did the tattoo, but that seems a little iffy. Tattoo removal is a big deal, so that decision wouldn’t be made lightly. Whether it’s her focusing on modeling, going home more often, or several other signs, there are a lot of things that make us think that Erika may be on the way out. Stay tuned to 10 Secret Signs That Erika Costell is DONE with Team 10 to find out why she moved out of the Team 10 house! And the reason is definitely not what you think.

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