10 People Who Were REJECTED From Jake Paul’s Team 10


10 People who NEVER got the chance to be part of Jake Paul’s Team 10! 🙁 Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/hHvOf8
It seems like every YouTubers dream is to join a YouTube squad. There are so many to choose from, but Team 10 seems to be at the top of the social media chain. Joining Jake Pauls Team 10 can turn you into an overnight success, like Erika Costell. However, not everyone who applies is allowed to join Jakes exclusive crew. Check out our list of 10 People Who Were Not Accepted Into Jake Pauls Team 10.

Max Beaumont is actually an ex-member of Team 10 who chose to break his contract with Jake. Max became very uncomfortable when Jake accused Alissa Violets boyfriend, FaZe Banks, of assaulting his assistant. Max has even been Meg Zellys best friend for a long time but needed to tell the truth about what he saw happen that night. But youll have to watch our video to hear what Jake did when he found out that Max betrayed him. One things for sure, Max is definitely not welcome in the Team 10 house anymore.

It was revealed by DramaAlerts Keemstar that Lance Stewart had his application to join Team 10 rejected by Jake. Keemstar spilled the beans after getting into a little Twitter video fight with Lance. Lance is huge YouTuber who managed to gain success without Team 10, but we cant even imagine the levels of success that hed be able to achieve with Jakes help. But do you think that Keemstar is just trying to start some unnecessary drama?

From Alex Trujillo to Teala Dunn, there are many hopeful YouTubers that didnt make the Team 10 cut. Just make sure to keep watching until the end to see what happened to Erikas relationship with her cousin after Jake refused to accept her.

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