10 People DISSED By RiceGum *SAVAGE*


10 Youtubers and famous people who RiceGum Dissed.
Whose side are you on?

RiceGum is a social media celebrity who is mainly known for roasting others and making diss tracks. His videos usually feature his alter ego AfroGum, and these two are not afraid to say what they truly think about others. But dont let RiceGums tough exterior fool you because hes actually a really nice guy. He even admitted that he only roasts people online to get more views. If you want to know whos been a target of this Clout Gang members foul mouth, check out our video about 10 People Who RiceGum Dissed.

RiceGum admits to having been a Belieber in the past but still chose to diss him after Justin Bieber got into fight with Selena Gomez on Instagram. Selena called out Justin for not being appreciative of his fans, and RiceGum couldnt agree more. Rice dissed Justin for not being grateful for the life he was given and for acting plain rude towards everyone around him. The only reason that Justin is famous in the first place is because of his fans, and Rice thinks that he needs to show them a little more respect.

Were not sure how anyone could diss musical.ly star Jacob Sartorius, but that didnt stop RiceGum from taking digs at him. Rice roasted Jacob for not having any fans over the age of twelve and for not being talented at anything in particular. But youll have to keep watching to see which embarrassing moment in Jacobs life was posted by RiceGum for everyone to see.

From Chance and Anthony to Baby Ariel and Danielle Bregoli, there are so many people out there whove been dissed by RiceGum. Make sure to keep watching until the end to see why Jake Paul and Rice will most probably never be friends.

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