10 “Coolest-Stupid” Invention

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10 “Coolest-Stupid” Invention in the world

Today you will see the genuine human creativity. I am presenting you a selection of the most awesome inventions from all over the world…. That was sarcasm and Let’s go!

Let’s start with a portable female urinal. Unfortunately, nature didn’t provide women with penises which are so convenient to piss with. It caused a significant backlash among the active feminists. They believed to be discriminated, because some toilets are available only for guys, since they are too dirty for women to sit down there. But we’ve got it covered! Some genius people invented a female portable urinal. Now girls can piss like guys anywhere at any time.

Up next is a genius British invention for lovers of drinking alcohol secretly at work. It’s a tie-flask! Pour some alcohol into it, and you will have lots of fun at work, but your boss won’t notice anything. This miraculous invention costs only twenty-five dollars.

If you are a beautiful girl, and you are sick and tired of clingy guys. Or you are afraid of being raped, hairy tights will get you out of trouble! This invention appeared in China. I have to admit they did a great job because hair looks very natural. The tights are sure to scare off any maniac.

Do you have a toddler crawling around the house? If yes, make him or her useful. Buy a jumper-mop for your child. Thanks to this incredible invention your floors will always stay clean. And buy a pair of this kind of slippers for yourself.

A fan to cool noodles. It is not necessary to wait a couple of minutes for noodles to cool down. Eat them right away, this fan will help you.

They say laziness is the engine of progress. I can’t help but agree with it, when looking at this invention. It is a urino-robot. If you are that lazy to hold your own penis when pissing, this urino-robot will do it for you. It’s thanks to these useful technologies that my belief in humanity significantly grows.

Are you an office worker? And you are fed up with your co-workers constantly stealing your sandwiches from the office fridge? Well, buy a packet with mold drawn on it. Now no one will ever touch your lunch. What if some of your co-workers like mold? Everything happens. A lot of people love blue cheese. In this case, you can buy a packet with a drawn cockroach. Although, it won’t work if you live in China.

The next invention seems to be an extremely economical invention, it is a folding wardrobe-coffin. Just imagine, you buy a wardrobe, but at any moment you can transform it into a coffin. It is a wardrobe-transformer for any life situations. It was invented by a British guy, William Warren. This invention has not become popular for some weird reasons.

The most stupid and also funniest inventions from your List. Thanks to technology, there are countless ways in which we can pleasure ourselves. Dildo Hoverboard is one of them.

The last but not the least are cybernetic Necamimi ears that read brain electrical waves. If you get excited when talking to anyone, your ears perk up. But if you feel bored, your ears drop down. By monitoring fluctuations of people’s ears, you can easily know the mood of the person you are talking to and select the right communication strategy. That’s why it is recommended to bring those tiny ears to business meetings and negotiations. I highly advise you to get them.

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